• New! Couple/Partner Personal Training Sessions
    New! Couple/Partner Personal Training Sessions
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    Couples that sweat together, STAY together.
    Spend some quality time with your mate (or BFF) in a one-hour personal training session designed with each of your fitness goals (and levels) in mind.
    Location can be at your home, in a park or any place you desire (even a hotel room for visitors).
    $80/1 hour session

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  • Client Highlight: Shelley Simpson
    Client Highlight: Shelley Simpson
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    Shelley is a client of Honolulu Personal Trainer. If it wasn’t for Amy, there’s no way she I could do what you see her doing in this photo (performing aerial silks). Read more about Shelley’s journey…

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  • Running in Waikiki
    Running in Waikiki
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    Vacationing in Waikiki & Want to Run? Here are two routes (Kapiolani Park & Triangle Park to Kahala), complete with maps and route descriptions that will get you out of your hotel room and into the neighborhoods. Two different distances (2.8-4.55) with a some variety of visuals will keep it interesting, yet won’t take all day.

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  • Client Highlight: Sandy French
    Client Highlight: Sandy French
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    Spurred by a coworker at a Christmas party, Sandy joined women’s fitness boot camp with a less than eager attitude. “It was just the worst thing I’d ever done!” she says referring to how she felt after her first session. “I mean, I’d worked out before, but nothing nearly as intense. Amy didn’t go easy…

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  • Benefits of Boot Camp Before Breakfast
    Benefits of Boot Camp Before Breakfast
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    As my Boot Campers will attest, I’m a huge fan of the 5:30am workout. It gets the metabolism pumping, the endorphins activated and builds strength while you’re still sleepy   But, did you know that bootcamp before breakfast burns more fat?

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  • Video: Side Plank
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    Side plank is one of my favorite core exercises! It engages everything in your abdominal structure, but unlike many abs exercises, it is really quite difficult to engage, and potentially strain your lower back. You should NEVER feel a lot of pressure in your lower back when you are performing any abdominal exercise.

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  • Running and Strength Training Workout
    Running and Strength Training Workout
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    Runners (at least the ones I know) are notorious for neglecting their strength training workouts. It’s like stretching (which many people also tend to leave out): you really don’t realize how important it is until you develop a problem, breakdown in desperation, and try it. Then you wonder how you lived all this time without…

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  • 2013 Xterra Trail Run World Championship 21K at Kualoa Ranch
    2013 Xterra Trail Run World Championship 21K at Kualoa Ranch
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    I’ve been running in the Xterra trail runs at Kualoa Ranch for a few years now, but this year I decided to step it up and actually go for the full 21K course. One of the things I really like about this event, other than it’s drop dead gorgeous scenery, of course, is that there…

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  • Raw Zucchini Pasta
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      It is hot! And I have no AC.. And my ceiling fan had died. Which means I am definitely not turning on the oven, and even the stove top can be unpleasant. Luckily for me, it’s zucchini season, and I’ve been mixing up a ton of zucchini “pastas,” or raw salads, if you’d rather…

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  • Healthy Snacks for the Big Game
    Healthy Snacks for the Big Game
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    The Big Game is on this weekend and whether you are in it for the football, the commercials, or the halftime show, I know food will also play a large role in you Super Bowl experience. The traditional tailgate fare of nachos, burgers, pizza, chips, and deep-fried delicacies is not exactly health food. I’m not…

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  • pv.body Review
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    I was approached by pv.body a few weeks go to review their athletic wear subscription service. The company concept is pretty neat. You take a quiz with questions about the fit, colors, and styles you prefer in tops and bottoms, as well as the types of workouts you usually do. Then, using your style profile,…

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  • Butternut Squash Recipies
    Butternut Squash Recipies
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    I am a big fan of winter squash, even more so now that some island-grown varieties are becoming available, including one of my favorites: butternut squash As with many things in Hawaii, butternut squash can get to be an expensive buy at the grocery store, especially considering that most squash weigh several pounds. So, whenever…

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  • NYC’s Soda Ban
    NYC’s Soda Ban
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    Last week the New York City Board of Health overwhelmingly voted to disallow the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages in containers larger than 16 ounces in restaurants, fast-food establishments, delis, movie theaters, sports stadiums, and food carts. Whether or not this new policy will make a dent in the city’s obesity stats remains to be seen,…

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  • Exercise: The Numbers Are In!
    Exercise: The Numbers Are In!
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    Your exercise routine is probably burning far fewer calories than you think. I’ve been doing some experimenting with my heart rate monitor recently and here are the somewhat disappointing numbers:   1 hour of hot yoga: 170 calories 25 minutes of trail running (during which I felt like I might die at any moment): 237…

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