Running in Waikiki

Running in Waikiki

Running in Waikiki

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Running in Waikiki is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your workout in while on vacation. With a variety of distance options, a pretty much flat landscape and several places with bathrooms and water fountains, the trickiest part is deciding where to go for breakfast after!

Below are my recommendations for two very solid runs. I’ve included route descriptions, a route map, as well as little tips about each course. Don’t forget to bring water (it gets hot out there), ID and let someone know you’re going out. Like my routes? Let me know.

Run: Kapi’olani Park, including the Zoo, 2.18 miles

Kapiolani Park, including Zoo

Kapi’olani Park is a staple in any Honolulu runner’s route selection. It’s flat, has sidewalks and includes several bathrooms and water fountains. I always recommend this route to any visitor to Oahu. Located on the east end of Waikiki, just beyond Kuhio Beach Park, Kapi’olani Park is 300 acres and has two options for running:

2.8 mile route (excluding the Zoo)
Route description: Start at Paki/Kapahulu, Right at Kalakaua, left (southwest/toward the beach/hotels) Monsarrat, Right at Kapahulu, back to Paki.

2.18 mile route (including the Zoo)
Route description: Start at Paki/Kapahulu, Right at Kalakaua, Right onto Monsarrat, Left onto Paki, back to Kapahulu.

Click the map above to be taken to the full 2.18 mile route.

 Run: Triangle Park, Aloha Gas Station, Kahala Ave, 4.55 miles

Triangle Park, Aloha Gas Station, Kahala Ave

Taken from a section of the Honolulu Marathon, this route is a nice solid run. With changes in elevation, neighborhood and an excellent destination of a fully-loaded Aloha Gas Station in the middle, this run is sure to satisfy.

Words of caution: Because there is very little shade on this route, starting before the sun comes up is a must! The black asphalt can get hot and when  you’re coming back up Kahala Ave toward Diamond Head, you’re going to be hurting if the sun is up.

4.55 mile route
Route description:
Start at “Triangle Park” (technically it’s called “Fort Ruger Park,” but no one ever calls it that), take Diamond Head Road to 18th Ave.

On Saturday mornings, the KCC Farmer’s Market is in full swing, so either be delighted by the tons of tourists or steer clear (there’s a bathroom there and you’ll wait in line if you need to use it. Better to hold it until you round Kilauea & can use the ones on 22nd Ave.), right on Kilauea, all the way until you run into an Aloha Gas Station on your right (between Pahoa Ave & the H1 Freeway overpass). Take the road just behind the gas station (Kealaolu Ave), running alongside the golf crourse (on your left). Right on Kahala Ave and you’ll run right back up to Triangle Park (there’s a hill here).

Click the map above to be taken to the full 4.55 mile route.

Want more of a workout? I LOVE giving personal training sessions to visitors. I have all my own equipment and can come to your hotel, or meet you someplace outside. Contact me for more info.

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