New Workout Video-Behind the Scenes

New Workout Video-Behind the Scenes

New Workout Video-Behind the Scenes

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My two newest fitness videos are in the hopper! Focusing on H.I.T (High Intensity Training), the two new videos will give you a full body workout in less than 5 minutes. The first one is a TABATA and the second one is a low impact version. Exercise features include: Squat press, spiders, mountain climbers and everyone’s favorite, burpees. Want to know more about High Intensity Training? Check out this great infographic from Greatist.

This behind the scenes shot (with Gene working hard : ) ) was taken at the crack of dawn at Waialae Beach Park, in Kahala, Hawaii on Saturday, September 20th. Thanks to a thermos of coffee, some sunglasses and brunch at Koko Head Cafe afterwards, we managed to get it all done in 60 mins!

Stay tuned for the finished video to show up on my YouTube Free Workout Page.


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