Client Highlight: Sandy French

Client Highlight: Sandy French

Client Highlight: Sandy French

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Sandy French never thought she could do all this until she started boot camp.

Spurred by a coworker at a Christmas party, Sandy joined women’s fitness boot camp with a less than eager attitude. “It was just the worst thing I’d ever done!” she says referring to how she felt after her first session. “I mean, I’d worked out before, but nothing nearly as intense. Amy didn’t go easy on us newbies.”

Four years later and Sandy is finishing triathlons, completing 10K races and participating in endurance events she had never thought possible.

“Amy does a great job of giving me a solid, all-around base training. Had I not worked out with her, I *never* would have had the confidence to tackle other events.”

Sandy sites the all women environment as a major contributor to her sticking with it. “I don’t feel self-conscious. I’m around other women sweating and working hard and there’s no men. It’s a very non-competitive environment.”

She also loves the adaptability of the exercises. For example, after breaking her elbow on a run one day (keeping her from attending boot camp), she needed a list of exercises she could do at home, while recovering from her break. “It has really made an improvement in my overall health and fitness.”

And the getting up at 5am to workout? “Amy can actually make me have the slightest bit of fun while I’m sweating and lifting weights. I honestly don’t know how she manages to be so cheerful so early in the morning!

I love what I do and I’m so glad to have women like you in my group! You make it all worth it.

Thinking about joining Boot Camp? Come to the next session—I love seeing new faces!

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