Running and Strength Training Workout

Running and Strength Training Workout

Running and Strength Training Workout

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Runners (at least the ones I know) are notorious for neglecting their strength training workouts. It’s like stretching (which many people also tend to leave out): you really don’t realize how important it is until you develop a problem, breakdown in desperation, and try it. Then you wonder how you lived all this time without it! However, even with that knowledge at the top of your mind, it can be difficult to think about adding several more training days or sessions into your life that is already busy with runs, work, family, and everything else you need to fit into it.


Strength training can improve your performance as a runner, and help prevent injuries. The vast majority of recreational and professional runners will be sidelined by an injury at some point, but by strengthening the muscles that support your knees, hips, and legs, including your core, you can avoid many common problems.


So here’s the beauty of my workout: you combine everything all into one session and get your mileage and strength training all in one. You can also scale this workout if you are doing fewer or more miles, just keep the intervals the same. You can also swap out the plyometric (jumping) moves for the low impact version if you can’t maintain control of the position or if your joints cannot take them.




4 mile run, regular pace. At every mile interval, stop and do the following:


20 jump squats (or squats)

10 burpees w/ pushup (you can cut the pushup if you don’t have the strength at the moment)

20 lunge jump (alternating lunge)


Each interval will tack 3-5 minutes on to your workout, and will also make your running pace feel a bit more difficult.

Have you added strength training into your workouts? How has it changed things for you?


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