Who Needs Sleeves?

Who Needs Sleeves?

Who Needs Sleeves?

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Well, my family in Detroit might need sleeves;  it’s a FREEZING 29 degrees! I, however am much luckier and am sweating right now in my apartment, enjoying the balmy 80 degree afternoon. Even if you aren’t baring you arms in tank tops and swimsuits all year long, toned, shapely arms are something we’d all like to have, especially when you think about the fact that cute holiday cocktail dresses usually do not come with sleeves to the elbow. Plus, it’s nice to be strong enough to actually lift things like your groceries, kids, or or overstuffed suitcase into the overhead bin! :)

Women especially do not tend to store fat in their upper bodies (biology prefers to keep it around our hips, thighs, and waist), so you can really start to see some visible results in relatively short period of time when you start to work on your arms. Check out the video below for a circuit-style (surprise!) workout you can try that targets your triceps while also working your shoulders, chest, biceps, and core!

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