Fun Fitness Accessories for Christmas

Fun Fitness Accessories for Christmas

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Many people will have new exercise gear and accessorizes underneath their tree this Christmas, and I am no exception! Here are some of the fun fitness items I hope Santa brings me Christmas Eve!


T Rex Hates Pushups T-Shirt











Five Pound Fat Replica



This may be the weirdest thing on my list, but it is absolutely shocking to see just how much 5lbs of fat really is. I think I’ll have to incorporate it into my January boot camp workouts somehow…







Quest Protein Bars


I’m normally not one to endorse or recommend nutrition supplements, but sometimes a protein bar can be a great, convenient non-brainer snack. The problem is most bars that taste any good are jam packed with sugar and/or unpronounceable chemical compounds. I am currently in love with the Chocolate Brownie Bars. They taste amazing, have 20 grams of hunger fighting protein, and only 1 gram of sugar!






Vibram Five Finger Hiking Shoes

I have been really wary of these shoes for two reasons: I don’t think they are particularly ascetically pleasing and I have knee problems that require a bit of extra support in my regular running shoes. However, I need to upgrade to some real hiking shoes for the more adventurous Hawaii trails I plan to tackle this year. I also REALLY like the idea of traipsing through mud and splashing through waterfalls without having to deal with squishy socks.



I wish you health and happiness this Holiday Season! Please stay tuned for some exciting new developments in the New Year!

Merry Christmas!


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